Vibration Measurement System

Vibration Measurement System

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• Out Vibration Measurement System is appreciated for its utilization of state of the art technology that includes PC calculation program and FFT analyzer. Our years of work experience and in depth knowledge on vibration technology have made us one of the most reliable organizations for dealing vibration related machine problems at affordable charges.

• The first step of our vibration measurement work involves determining the level of vibration for X, Y and Z vectors separately. The gathered value of these three vectors is linked to the limit curve graph of the machine in which vibration is noticed.

•Prior to installation of these systems, special care need to be taken so that the existing floor vibration does not exceed the industry specified vibration values. The acceleration of vibration is measured within a clear frequency and a fixed range which is between 1 Hz to 100 Hz, because a fixed sum value calculation is not enough to get a clear idea about the accurate vibration value. The measurement of signal of force-distance comes with a Fast Fourier Analyzer that displays a determined value for each of the frequency range. As far as the vibration related difficulty of pre-installed machinery is concerned, it can be said that vibration analysis method is adopted to assess the necessary vibration solutions for those equipments.

•The offered vibration measurement machinery are capable of maintaining accuracy in vibration analysis work even in the lowest frequency range by utilizing a high end geophone. This geophone enables these vibration measurement equipments to log in under 0.01µm / s vibration speed in the 0.2 to 30Hz range. This specific geophone which is instrumental in error free vibration measurement operation, has extensive applications in ultra - accurate 3D measurement, semi conductor and nano technology industries. The precise vibration measurement is required to fulfil the exact vibration measurement related demand of customers.