Leveling Elements

Leveling Elements

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Leveling Elements

We are working with a motive to deliver high standard of quality and thus, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Leveling Elements. Manufactured by using high quality industrial raw materials, these elements are used in the press machines, stamping machines and die casting machines. Our Leveling Elements are checked on various parameters like durability by our quality inspectors to provide our clients a flawless range. We offer these elements at affordable price to our customers.

Key Features:

  • Excellent strength
  • Durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Highly efficient
  • Affordable price
  • Other Details:
    The Levelling elements, Type Series BNSH

    Range of application:
    BILZ levelling elements are specially designed for proper positioning of presses, automatic die casting  machinery and automatic stamping equipment to name a few.

    •    the BNSH 120 / 50 means :  It boasts of having type 50.
    o    Application :It is reckoned for its medium performance level in terms of isolation work
    •    The BNSH 120 / 32 means: It consists of type B32 feature.
    o        Application: It is perfect for high isolation operation. This model is especially meant for upper floors utilization purpose.
    Levelling Elements, the Type Series BNSHA
    Range of application:

    The BILZ levelling elements BNS are ideal to meet installation requirements of involuntary stamping equipments, presses and programmed die casting apparatus that need to set up on the floor.
    •    Examples: the BNSHA 120 / 50 means: it is designed with type B50.
    o        Application: It is known for its medium performance level in terms of isolation work.
    •    BNSHA 120 / 32 means: it consists of type B32.
    o    Application: It is perfect for work that involves higher level of isolation. It is specially utilized on the upper floors.
    The Levelling elements series, types of the BNVS and BNRS with levelling screws (are adaptably connected)

    Range of application :

    The BNRS and BNVS models are selected to use in those works that require a film connection of the element with the machine. Movable levelling screws are used to maintain accuracy of angle differences.

    Examples :
    •    BNVS 110 / 4 = 4 means : that consists of type B 4
    o        Application: It is widely used for drilling equipment and milling machinery
    o    BNVS 110 / 0 = 0 means : consists of type B 0
    •    BNVS 110 / 30 - W = 30 W means : it is designed with type B 30 W
    o    Application: It is suitable for machining centres, lathes and other machinery applications purpose.
    The Levelling Elements, Type Series BNRV and BNRSV in stainless steel BFE

    Field of application:
    The provided equipments are extensively used in beverage and food processing industries. These are also utilized in pharmaceutical, packaging and chemical processing sectors. We provide nuts and screws for these equipments on the request of customers.

    The Type BNRSV with levelling screw (which is flexibly connected) in stainless steel

    BNRV 110 / 4 e.g. BNRSV 110 / 4 = 4 meaning

    It consists of hard isolation pad with medium efficacy level. It is also acknowledged for providing outstanding structure borne noise and vibration isolation performance.
    BNRV 110 / 30 - W e.g. BNRSV 110 / 30 - W = 30 - W meaning :
    It is designed with specially developed soft isolating pad. It is also reckoned for its high performance level in terms of structure borne noise and vibration isolation works.
    The Type BFE with levelling screw (which is flexibly connected) in the stainless steel

    Field of application: It has multiple applications that include cost effective stainless steel elements used in pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical and packaging industries.